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The Jiveoholics The Hottest Jump Jive and Swing Band

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The Jiveoholics are a six piece band, featuring trumpet, sax, keys, guitar, bass and drums.

The Band has performed at many major national and international festivals, including:

Derry Jazz Festival (eight times)
Upton Jazz Festival (three times)
Bude Jazz Festival (three times)
Callendar Festival (three times)
Monmouth Festival (three times)
Birmingham Jazz Festival (three times)
Llandeilo Jazz Festival (twice)
Jumpin at the woodside (twice)
Solihull Jazz Festival (twice)
Twinwood Festival (twice)
Raglan Music Festival (twice)
Brecon Fringe Festival (twice)
Riverboat Jazz festival (Denmark)
Seau Swing (France)
AberJazz Festival
Wokingham Festival
Stompin' on the Quomps
Great Dorset Steam Fair

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Swingin’ Jump Jive music is what the Jiveoholics are all about! Their show is crammed full of classic Swing, Jive, Boogie and Blues arrangements of songs from the 40’s, 50’s and early 60's. Hit tunes from the stars of the day: Louis Jordan, Louis Prima and Cab Calloway; Wynonie Harris, Big Joe Turner and Ray Charles; Infectious rhythms that won't let your feet stay still and will have you heading for the dance floor as soon as you hear the first note!

Their outrageous stage costume of loud Hawaiian shirts, pork pie hats and two tone shoes have ensured that a) this band won't be mistaken for any other and b) they are being sought by the fashion police of six European countries for crimes against sartorial elegance.

The fusion of white hot, upbeat, swinging music and unforgettable outfits all wrapped up in engaging, cheeky banter means the party starts when The Jiveoholics hit the stage.


Tony K is one of the original members of the band, apparently by claiming squatter’s rights. Originally from North Yorkshire he moved to Wales in 1980 and has since remained incarcerated in the land of song, despite strenuous efforts by Gwent Police. He has allegedly been playing the guitar for over 50 years, which just goes to prove that you really can’t teach an old dog a new trick. He has an extensive collection of guitars and was recently advised by Eric Clapton to sell all but one of them and learn to play it properly.

Roger reminisces: "Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to hang out with musicians, but there comes a point in every lifetime when you have to let your dreams go.   I am a perfectionist and hate it when I set up on a stage that isn't level, but I have to say it's great playing with these guys. No, really, I mean it, I have to say this. Playing jive music that really swings, love it! I'm still looking forward to it!"

Although the panic attacks are becoming fewer, Jack still recalls his first exposure to The Jiveoholics when he was bundled into the back of a white van on a deserted street in Outer Newport. Due in part to his pragmatism, but mainly to Stockholm Syndrome, Jack has become resigned to his fate, eking out a meagre existence playing music old enough to be his grandfather, in the company of several erstwhile musicians who are even older. Arguably the best-looking sax-player in the band, he has come to accept that his multi- instrument and vocal talents will remain unused and in all probability, his ransom will not be paid.

Ceri was born at a very young age and was such an ugly baby the midwife slapped his mother. Due to his diminutive (but all-paid-for and perfectly formed) stature, he is the last member of the band to know when it's raining. He began playing the trumpet at age 11, primarily as an indication to others of his whereabouts, and over the years his playing has steadily progressed from 'shows promise', through 'must try harder' to the internationally acclaimed, peer-reviewed standard of "Quite Good".

Gareth started out on the black notes, moved on to the white notes and now, even though everything should be in black and white, likes to take a risk by playing any notes. Heavily influenced by the late, great Les Dawson, his harmonies and counter-point melodies have to be heard to be believed. A closet epicure with regard to offerings from Wetherspoons, he has also acquired a great repertoire of jokes (a true professional), many of which are funny, which alone has kept him his place in the band.

Sean started out playing guitar but found the myriad finger/string options confusing. Four fingers, therefore four strings seemed right. A graduate of the "One finger, one thumb, keep moving" music college, he enjoys putting out the low down and dirty - and playing bass. Blessed with celestial pitch, only Heaven knows what will emerge when he opens his mouth to sing. Graciously allowed by the rest of the band to be sound tech, roadie and driver.

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